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Monthly Archives: November 2014

More Roman & World coins on web-site!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on November 26th 2014

Thanks for reading this. List 111 has been online now for three weeks or so, we have achieved record sales, thanks to all who have contributed. Our site is not a static site however, the list is constantly changing. All sold coins are immediately deleted, and in just the last few days, we have added many hundreds of new Foreign and Roman coins. Many of these are at the cheaper end of the scale, so ideal if you are lacking Christmas presents.

We have updated the front page of our site, and we hope you like the new layout, we are always keen to receive feedback, good or bad; do let us know what you think.


If you don't we suggest you follow us on Facebook, we post several times a day on a variety of topics, here is a recent one:

I was talking to someone recently, who said that if you collect coins, you've obviously got lots of money you don't need and "what a pity you couldn't do something useful with it." When I queried what he meant by "something useful", he replied "well you could give it to the poor to start with." This opens up a can of worms I don't wish to open, but it does presuppose that if you are poor, that you don't collect coins.

Now I do fully accept if you are "poor" by UN standards ie you don't have enough money to "feed and clothe a family" you clearly aren't going to be buying coins, but in a society where even so called poor people can afford Sky sports (£35+ a month), to play bingo (£10-£100 a week plus), go to the pub (easily spend £10 up to a lot more in a single night), and even to follow my beloved Eastleigh Football club, not normally seen as the preserve of the rich, but it does cost you, when you add in travel, programme and a burger £20-25 to see a single match. I am not sure I concur that coin collecting is for the rich.

We have recently grading the following Shillings and we priced them as follows:
1820 NFair £5
1872 Fair £5
1873 NF £9.50
1838 YH by Lauer £7.50
1897 GF £6
1908 NF £9.50
1912 Fine £6
1913 Fine £7.50...you get my drift. So I don't accept that coin collecting is only for the rich; but I do accept that it is obviously true only the rich will buy the most expensive coins...just as they will buy the most expensive houses, cars, holidays, boats, jewellery etc etc. Why pick on coins?

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