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Fractional Coins refer to the Half, Third and Quarter Farthings.

Copper Half Farthings were minted from 1828 to 1856, at first they were intended for use in Ceylon but in 1842 they were declared legal tender in the United Kingdom. A first issue was made in 1844 and the coins never became popular in this country. They were demonetised in 1870.

Third Farthings were never legal tender in the UK being made solely for use in Malta.  From 1827 to 1844 they were struck in Copper and from 1866 to 1913 in Bronze. 

Like the Third, Quarter-Farthings were never legal tender in the UK, being struck between 1839 and 1853 only for use in Ceylon. They were made of Copper and they show on the obverse the uncrowned portrait of Queen Victoria and on the reverse the value surmounted by a crown.

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