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R. Ingram Coins,
2 Avonborne Way,
Chandler's Ford,
SO53 1TF

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Selling your coin collection

We buy coins pretty much every day of every week, so if you are looking to sell your coins, particularly old coins, you have come to the right place.

To buy your coins we need to see the coins themselves either by post or visiting us directly, if you decide to visit us please make an appointment first. Don't be nervous about posting your coins as we send out hundreds of packets monthly. The Post Office is a fantastic service, and there is very little chance your coins will go missing in the post! We are experienced numismatists who have been doing this since 1997 and our passion is buying and selling coins through our catalogue, face to face and online.

It really is very simple to sell us your coins. The story below is true - it actually happened.

Jeremy B from Derby wanted to sell us his coins, he had a nice collection of Crowns and Half Crowns. This is how easy the process was:

1) On Tuesday Jeremy e-mailed us giving us a rough outline of what he had to sell.

2) We told Jeremy he could either post them to us, or bring them to us.

3) Jeremy decided to post them to us by Special Delivery post, they arrived on Thursday Morning.

4) We e-mailed Jeremy our offer at lunchtime on the Thursday, he accepted, we transferred the funds to Jeremy's bank account, and he received the money that afternoon.

5) Jeremy went on holiday on the Friday – happy days!

R. Ingram Coins needs to buy lots of coins on a daily basis to replenish our stock, so if you are looking to sell your coins please contact us.

We buy and sell a very wide range of coins. We sell Gold coins, Sovereign coinsSilver coins, Crowns, Half Crowns, Florins, Shillings, Copper coins, Bronze coins, and we sell Hammered coins and almost everything struck in the last 2,000 years. English coins are always popular as well as foreign Gold and Silver, Scottish, Irish, US, and lots more besides.

We will also purchase other Gold & Silver items and banknotes, pretty much everything has a price, and if you have pictures (no more then 5MB in total) or a list of coins, please feel free to e-mail/send it to us and we will give you some idea of our level of interest. 

Please also view our testimonials page or Google us and you will find lots of positive feedback.

We hope you contact us and either buy or sell coins from or to us. We love the telephone, feel free to call us on 023 80275079 / 07730 782810 or you can contact us at: [email protected]

R. Ingram Coins,
2 Avonborne Way,
SO53 1TF,

023 80275079
07730 782810

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Us

R. Ingram Coins,
2 Avonborne Way,
Chandler's Ford,
SO53 1TF

T: 02380275079
E: [email protected]