R. Ingram Coins Located at
206 Honeysuckle Road, Southampton, Hampshire, https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/R.Ingram+coins/@50.939045,-1.385804,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9aab6e3ea5b9202e?hl=en.
R Ingram Coins Phone: 02380 324258

R. Ingram Coins,
2 Avonborne Way,
Chandler's Ford,
SO53 1TF

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We have been selling coins since 1997, and pride ourselves on the service we offer. We aim always to be fair, reasonable people who place the customer as our priority. Over the years we have had many people thank us for the service we have provided, and below, follows a few of the many comments we have received.

Nick A - West Dulwich - "You are always so very helpful and patient with me."

Brian B - Jarrow - "I never feel rushed you are always so caring and take
time with me. Thanks."

David B - Littlehampton "I don't always understand everything, but you
always take the time to explain everything to be me. You are so very

John B - Pleasantville (US) - "Thanks for the history lesson, very nice to
talk with you. Its a pleasure working with you and Rendel."

Brian D - Bristol "You issue a fantastic list, to be honest no-one else
comes close."

Alex D - Ascot "It's been a real pleasure dealing with you, you seem such
nice people, thanks for everything."

Tony D - Hull " I like dealing with you, because although I never spend
much money, you are still very happy to deal with me."

Richard H - Newport (Wales) - " It's always lovely to catch up with you and
have a nice chat. You have a lot of very lovely coins."

Pam N - Canada - "You are always so kind to me, and nothing is ever too much

Tony P - Seaton "How do you get your coins out so fast? You do it every
time. Really thankful, you always send out the coins so quickly."

David S - Keighley "Coins were superb, many many thanks."

Colin T - Tiverton "Very happy, thanks. You have such a good list and I
always look forward to receiving it. Keep up the good work."

Chris W - Staines "You are reliable guys, and that is not always the
case, so thanks a bunch."

David W - Colchester "Thank you, excellent coins. Always love to see your
list. Fantastic range of stuff."

Noel K - Co. Cork "100% happy customer. I want to give you 100 percent feedback. For the coin I got, regards answering my letters and for a first class service."

Neil C - London "Always very reliable, every time. Thanks"

Roy H - Wrexham "Always great to catch up with you. You have a great selection of coins"

David S - Manchester "Lets be honest there is you and everybody else. For the range of coins you offer no-one comes close."

Suzanne M - Liverpool "Wow - thanks guys. you made one lady VERY happy!"

Barry W - Bury "the range of coins you have is unreal. And you not only list the coins, you actually have them"

Ashton G - Southampton "I really do love you guys. Love to visit, every time. Can't thank you enough". 

Contact Us

R. Ingram Coins,
2 Avonborne Way,
Chandler's Ford,
SO53 1TF

T: 02380275079
E: [email protected]