We issue 6 catalogues every year, and update this site about a week before those catalogues are sent out. Our current list is (September 2014 - list 110). Our list is 40 pages long and we are happy to put you on our mailing list if you wish. Just e-mail us your details to [email protected] and this list will be in the post.
We aim to stock the most extensive selection of English coins on the net, bar none. We don't stock everything though, and if you have wants which you don't see listed, bear in mind, we have loads of unlisted stock at anyone time, and also we have access to just about any coin, so it is always worth giving us an e-mail, or indeed call to tell us what you want. We are one of those rare dealers online who do use, and are happy to use, a phone so always feel free to call us on 023 80324258.
We hope your experience in dealing with us is positive, if it is tell your friends, if not tell us and we will try to improve. If you haven't dealt with us before try us. You will be pleasantly surprised. We will be activating many customer accounts (if you do not already have one) shortly which makes the site easier and quicker to use so please keep an eye out for this.