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R. Ingram Coins News

Coins for all occasions...

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on November 24th 2015

People buy coins off us for many different purposes. We have a large number of serious numismatists who have often been collecting for decades. They have the coin bug and we help them with their collection. We also sell a lot of cheaper items to coin collectors who may have just started in their hobby or are younger collectors.

We also sell a number of items as presents, birthday, christening and (its not too far away!) Christmas. We have supplied coins for period dramas.. We sell a large number of bulk lots to people who either want lots of coins or perhaps are looking to sell them on or trade them. In short, if you want coins, we do not mind why - we are happy to supply them!

Recently we had a first though. A young couple asked us for a large quantity of pre decimal pennies to use as flooring for a cloakroom. I must be honest, this is not something we had heard of previously, but a quick look on google shows that "(penny floors" are not uncommon. We will be very interested in seeing the finished article and will endeavour to supply photos when it has been completed!

Coins for all occasions indeed!

In our new list we have lots of slabs!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on November 5th 2015

Our new Winter catalogue is now online and it contains lots and lots of slabbed coins. For those unfamiliar with slabbed coins, these are graded independently, usually by American companies conforming to US grading standards. The coins are contained in a hard plastic case with a grade ranging from MS-0 to MS-70 where VF begins at MS-20, EF at MS-40, AU at MS-50 and Unc at MS-60.

We sell what you want to buy, and at the current time, lots of you want to buy slabbed coins. When we started 19 years ago, they were very unusual, you rarely saw them, and when you did they were regarded as "weird American stuff", well they are weird no more.

We are often asked if we slab coins, and the short answer is no. We sell both slabbed and raw (non slabbed) coins, but if you buy raw, you'll have to find your own slabbing company and get it done yourself. There are plenty of them, many in the US, but a number in various European countries, many with UK representatives. It's your choice, but if you want them pre slabbed, check out our website. You'll see a good selection.


November list coming soon

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on October 15th 2015

Since we begun in September 1997, we have produced 116 lists and in a few weeks we will be uploading and sending out list 117. Always we have striven to make each list bigger and better than the last. We think we are largely successful in this. One of our motives is to give you the best choice available. We have all seen dealers lists with 3 Gothic Florins, priced at £350, £550 and £800; we list these coins too, but we will list a couple of hundred Gothic florins, catering for both the die collector, and the person looking to spend a tenner. We do try to live in the real world.

That said investments in coins are booming, and we are advising people on a weekly basis, who have made the decision to take funds out of the banks or building societies, where their money is earning virtually nothing, into coins, which with some wise guidance, can prove very profitable indeed. If this is something that appeals to you, contact us by phone, e-mail or letter. It will be a decision you won't regret.

Autumn 2015 list upload - biggest ever!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on September 4th 2015

Well Summer has gone already, that didn’t last long did it? The good news is we have just uploaded our biggest ever listing. We have in excess of 9,000 coins now, including lots of additional foreign, especially US and Canadian. We have bought in some lovely Silver collections, with a number of modern Maundy sets, and a stunning range of small Silver. A vast selection of early Copper, much of it lowish grade and therefore affordable. We have also put together the finest collection of Third Farthings ever assembled, all of it slabbed by PCGS. As well as this we have gathered in a very large selection of rare early Copper, much of it quite cheap so do make sure you lookout for that.

New coinssept 2015

We haven’t forgotten Gold or Hammered and essentially we just do have lots of everything. We have reduced the prices of hundreds of our Gold coins. If you haven't already logged in or got an account with us, you need to know that we set up lots of new accounts on August 5th so there may well be an email waiting in your inbox. Do remember though that you can order coins in the old way, and we are always on the end of a phone should you want to speak to somebody. We can be contacted on 023 80324258.

Over 300 Gold coins reduced in price!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on August 14th 2015

Welcome all. We have reduced the price of more than 300 Gold coins; these are genuine price reductions. The chosen coins have had their prices slashed by between £10 and £1000.

Examples of reductions include:

13 coin Gold set 2002 was £7500 is now £6500

£100 Britannia 2013 was £1100 now £895

US $10 1912 was £650 now £550

RM 4 coin Gold set 1989 was £2250 now £1950

Sovereign 1925 Sydney was £395 now £350

Half Sovereign 1873 was £175 now £160


If you are a collector of Gold coins, or maybe a recent investor, now is the time to add, or start your collection. Gold, is at last starting to rise in value again, so if you delay you will be left behind. Virtually everything is pictured, if you want more pictures or have any queries don't hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us[email protected]coins.com or phone us on 023 80324258

Tips for using our web-site

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on August 6th 2015

A few pointers which may help you!

View full size pictures – If you are viewing an individual coin (eg http://www.ringramcoins.com/unite-11418.html )  and click on view large image it will open in another window. If you wish to view the other side of the coin you can then click on the first window  and click on view large image on the other side (without using the back button).

wishlist (1)

Grid view – To view larger thumbnails of all the coins (eg Crowns: http://www.ringramcoins.com/coins/crowns.html ) then go to the mid/top of the screen and click on grid view – which is a cube of 9 small circles.

Also if you would like to view a different number of coins in one go you can click on the bottom right of the screen and you have a choice of whether to view 30,60,120 or all coins in one go.


PDF - On our homepage if you click on catalogue PDF you can see a full list of ALL our coins.

New accounts activated!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on August 5th 2015

On August 5th you may well have received an e-mail, giving you Login details to set up an account with us.  If you didn't receive that e-mail and would like an account with us, please contact us at [email protected]coins.com and it shall be done.

2015-08-05 15.33.50

There are many benefits to having an account with us, you will:

  • Get first notification of new coins on our website.
  • Be able to keep a wish list of the latest items you are interested in.
  • Be able to view thousands of pictures of coins online as well as our latest up to date (PDF) and download it onto your computer.
  • Be able to proceed through checkout faster when making a purchase.
  • Have a choice of several different ways to pay (card, PayPal, cheque, bank transfer, postal order, cash).
  • Be able to view past orders.
  • Be able to make changes to your account information.
  • Be able to store alternative addresses (for shipping to family members and friends.

Customer Login is also at the top right of every page on our website.

If you would like to change your password or email for your account, this can easily be done once you have initially logged in with the above details.

If you have any questions about your account or any other matter, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]coins.com or by phone on 02380 324258. Of course we are still more than happy to accept orders over the phone, by direct e-mail, or through the post.

Lots of coins sold, lots more added on

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on July 30th 2015

Our late Summer list 2015 has been online now for 3 weeks and sales have been excellent. The big change has been the interest in decimals; this was a peripheral area, but interest now is enormous, especial for Two Pounds, and Olympic 50p's.

We have recently added a great deal of new material, notably a lot of modern Maundy sets, but also plenty of silver proofs and a great deal of foreign coins, notably from the US and Canada. When we prepared for this list, we were really focused on getting all the key dates in, and at prices which normal people can afford.

Prices for coins were a little sluggish through 2014, but they have certainly bounced back this year. Even ordinary material has been going for seriously high prices. We ourselves attended a local auction earlier this year. It wasn't specifically a coin auction, but they had plenty of coins, across the board for sale. We were staggered at the prices being achieved, well, well above our selling prices in many cases. We came away with one minor lot, and are not tempted to return!

With interest rates very low, and set to stay low for the foreseeable future, investing in coins, is appealing to more and more people. We regularly get people who have given up on the banks, and lock, stock and barrel have jumped into coins, if they choose the right material, there is definitely gains to be made. We are always happy to give advice on investment potential, or indeed anything else. On a daily basis we get people thank us for giving a phone number and being willing to chat. We are. We can be contacted on 023 80324258. We are available on this number from 8am onwards, if we are not here, leave a message and we will be back to you asap.

As ever we hope you enjoy our site, if you do tell fellow collectors, if not tell us, and we will try to resolve the issue. Happy hunting.

New collection bought today! 100_9085

Brand new list - brand new climate

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on July 2nd 2015

Our late Summer list 2015 is now online and we are delighted to report that our previous list was one of our best sellers ever. If you were someone who bought from us - thanks. You are part of our success story and we are truly appreciative. With this list, we really focused on getting all the key dates in, and at prices which normal people can afford.

The 1905 Half Crown is one of the famous coins of the 20th century. Most dealers won't have a single example, many other will have one and it'll be in AUNC condition and be priced at around £10,000. We have no problem with this and have a number of coins to this value, but most collectors in our experience, want one in and around fine, for a few hundred Pounds. In our current list we have 4, they are priced at between £375 and £795. I think sometimes in the coin world we need to get a dose of reality. If you read in the papers or read about "coin trends", you'll often see examples of what price Triple Unites are now going for compared to 20 or 30 years ago; often the conclusion is that they are a great investment. But for 90% of you people reading this, that may be interesting, but it is also completely irrelevant.

I will stress again, that we do sell expensive coins, we have an 1864 Copper Farthing for sale at £18,500 and we have large numbers of Gold coins, many priced in four, and some in five figures. But, and here is the big "but" we sell coins in all grades so if you only have £10 or £20 to spend, we still will have something for you. We hope you enjoy looking through our list, a hard copy is available if you want one. Should you have any queries we are always happy to hear from you.

The coin market is a changing

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on May 20th 2015

2014 was quiet a challenging year for the coin market. In truth there was a glut of good material and falling Gold and Silver prices led to prices stabilising and in some areas falling. I remember discussing this with another dealer last Summer and we were musing when this might change. Well folks things HAVE changed. This year auction after auction and dealer after dealer have been issuing smaller lists, and with the same numbers seeking less coins, prices have been going up. Even really ordinary stuff has been getting respectable prices, and even 1970's proof sets are fetching twice what they were just 6 months ago.

We have strived, and succeeded in bucking the trend. Our Summer 2015 catalogue has been our biggest and best ever, and we have thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. We love coins and when there is a shortage, we work twice as hard to get material in. So if you have a nice collection, we are interested. Auctions are fine if you are happy to lose upwards of 35% in premium, and have 6 months to wait for payment. With us no fees and immediate payment. So get in touch if you have something for sale.

If you have a good look you'll find all sorts of material in our list. No matter what you collect (unless it's stamps or pottery!), as long as it's COINS we'll have something for you. We've lots of lovely Gold, including an Ansell Sovereign, the extremely rare Australian Half Penny of 1923,  a fantastic early Crown collection, much of it slabbed, lots of new Half Crowns, including a Cromwell, our normal stash of small Silver, lots of Copper and Bronze, of course, lots of excessively rare hammered, and we even have the complete collection of Olympic 50P's. If you really can't find anything, you aren't trying hard enough!

Do contact us and lets have a chat. Here's hoping you enjoy what you see. As ever feedback is hugely appreciated.

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