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R. Ingram Coins News

Our coming list and Facebook

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on June 8th 2016

Now into June, we are well into grading for our new catalogue which will be out at the beginning of July. We add stuff on a regular basis, so it is always worth looking to see what has been added, on a weekly, if not daily basis. Just click here to see the updated pdf.

It is worth checking us out on Facebook. One of our most popular post went as follows:

Afternoon everybody. We had a thing going on at my church recently, where we were talking about, how in your job, you can make a difference in the world. At first glance being a coin dealer is not a job that can affect much; its not like being a nurse or an undertaker or a teacher etc, etc. And yet...

You can make quite a big difference in this job. Most of the people we deal with are older men. I would guess that 40% of our clients are over 70 and maybe 20% over 80. As a result we regularly have people on our mailing lists die. It is the worst part of this job. Some of these folks we have got to know over many many years, we have talked to them about all sorts of things, and then they die, and its a sad feeling.

We often get the wife, or sometimes daughter say that the deceased really loved their coin collecting and receiving our catalogue and coins, was one of the highlights of their last few years. That always makes me feel good, its nice to know even doing this job, we can make a difference, and if we have lightened up any of your lives, even for just a few minutes, then I for one feel truly blessed.

We also list new coins, lots of historical stuff related to the coins we list. We post at least twice a day, and if you fancy being involved go here.



New R. Ingram Coins list 120 NOW ONLINE!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on April 28th 2016

Hello all,

We hope you are well. We have just added hundreds and hundreds of new coins for our new Summer 2016 listing. In fact we are pleased to say that the new items we have added are our biggest and best ever catalogue additions.

It doesn't stop there! This week we have picked up 2 significant collections including two Five Guineas pieces.

2016-04-28 16.31.592016-04-28 16.32.20

Both are in decent condition. Do let us know if you might be interested!

Don't forget you have till the end of April to place an order and be included in our grand prize draw. If you are not sure of your login details please check your inbox from March 14th or contact us and we will be very happy to help!

Over 5,000 catalogues sent out!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on April 15th 2016

Our catalogue 119 was sent out to 5,000 people not long ago, and we had a record response. If you didn't receive one, and would like it, plenty are still available. Just e-mail us with your details and we will happy to send you a copy.

2016-04-15 11.37.11

We issue catalogues every two months, but lots happens in between times. You can catch up on this by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. Here you will find about new material we have got in, before it is uploaded. We also go into the history behind a given coin, and we hope to enrich your collecting experience. We are always looking for feedback, do get in touch.

New list in a buoyant market place

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on February 24th 2016

Our list 119 Spring 2016 is now online. It's a great list, with lots of new items, right across the spectrum. We are now busy adding all the new pictures, these should be completed shortly. If you want pictures of anything that hasn't been pictured contact us and we will e-mail you as an attachment. The coin market is roaring at the moment, this is good news for sales, but means we have to work harder to get the stock in at the right price. We have done the work and are sure you will be pleased with the result.

As ever, we aim to stock the widest range of UK coins of anyone in the world. A bold aim, but one we do try to live up to, but we cannot stock everything so if you are looking for something we don't have TELL US . We will then source the item for you, and offer it to you when we have obtained it.

March 14th is a big date in our calendar as we will be activating 1000's of new online accounts. If we don't have your e-mail address, please send it to us, and we will do this for you also.  Happy hunting and we hope you find what you are looking for; we hope too that we hear from you. Have a great Spring.


Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on February 12th 2016

Do make sure you tell your loved one how much they mean to you. It really makes a difference, and THEY NEED TO KNOW.

What's this got to do with coins I hear you ask? Well in truth, not a lot; except, there is something we need to tell you, and that is that things are really moving in the world of coins in 2016. Coin prices are sharply up this year, partly driven by the spectacular rise in Gold, which over recent months has moved from under £700 per Ounce to approaching £900 per Ounce. We have certainly noticed that the demand for our coins has gone through the roof.

We keep tabs on what is selling well and not so well, and in truth pretty much everything is selling. No surprise to hear that Gold is selling well, small Silver is always a big seller, and 3d's in particular are flying off the shelves, Copper and Bronze are sometimes a little slow, but not at the moment, and it's all grades, not just the star items, but Victoria Bronze Pennies in VF, Copper Half Pennies in fine, Farthings in any grade it's sell, sell, sell.

This means more than ever we need to buy and whether it's a valuable single coin, or an enormous collection you have stashed away in your loft, we are looking to purchase. It's easy to sell your coins to us.  So what are you waiting for? Lets get cracking...


.Gold1                               A good time for people who are collectors of Gold coins. Will Gold keep going up?                                                           Gold2

Time to invest in coins

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on January 6th 2016

It’s that time of year, when many people are making a fresh start. In particular for savers especially, there is a desperation to earn more on their money than they did with the banks in 2015. Not difficult as many saver rates were paying less than 1%.

A number of investor advisors have been suggesting that the collectables market might be a decent alternative place to put cash. Coins are one of the main collectables, and we have seen over recent months, lots of people, just en block transferring money from a savings account and putting it into coins. A look at recent Spinks can show you why, with a huge increase in the value of top grade coins.

Not sure how the new year will play out, but if you have money sitting around doing absolutely nothing, you could do worse than give us a call. 023 80324258. By a happy coincidence we have just uploaded our New Year 2016 catalogue onto our website and you can see that here. It is our most extensive ever list and has lots of great coins which scream INVESTMENT. Have a good look through the list, and if you should have any questions feel free to call, write or e-mail us. We still use the dog and bone and that number once again 023 80324258.

Happy Christmas to all customers!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on December 21st 2015

It’s been a great year, thank you.

It may be Christmas, but we don’t stop working. (The website, is of course, online 24/7), and there is usually someone here to answer queries or take orders. If not, do leave a message and we will get back to you usually the same day. Emails are checked several times daily.  

Recently we were asked about die letters. These occur rarely, but notably do so on the 1862 Half Penny. The letters A, B, and C are placed by the lighthouse. These letters were used so the Royal Mint could gauge how quickly the Half Penny dies were wearing. Die letter C, is the rarest, followed by die letter B, with A being the commonest, though still exceedingly rare. We've actually got all 3. For those looking to buy one, at the top end we have a die letter C slabbed by CGS VF40 for £3250, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, we can do you die letter A or B, in Fair to Fine for £550. If you would like to take a look at our complete range of Half Pennies you will see many other interesting varieties and dates as well.

100_8086 100_8087

We hope to hear from you in 2016, if not before!

Coins for all occasions...

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on November 24th 2015

People buy coins off us for many different purposes. We have a large number of serious numismatists who have often been collecting for decades. They have the coin bug and we help them with their collection. We also sell a lot of cheaper items to coin collectors who may have just started in their hobby or are younger collectors.

We also sell a number of items as presents, birthday, christening and (its not too far away!) Christmas. We have supplied coins for period dramas.. We sell a large number of bulk lots to people who either want lots of coins or perhaps are looking to sell them on or trade them. In short, if you want coins, we do not mind why - we are happy to supply them!

Recently we had a first though. A young couple asked us for a large quantity of pre decimal pennies to use as flooring for a cloakroom. I must be honest, this is not something we had heard of previously, but a quick look on google shows that "(penny floors" are not uncommon. We will be very interested in seeing the finished article and will endeavour to supply photos when it has been completed!

Coins for all occasions indeed!

In our new list we have lots of slabs!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on November 5th 2015

Our new Winter catalogue is now online and it contains lots and lots of slabbed coins. For those unfamiliar with slabbed coins, these are graded independently, usually by American companies conforming to US grading standards. The coins are contained in a hard plastic case with a grade ranging from MS-0 to MS-70 where VF begins at MS-20, EF at MS-40, AU at MS-50 and Unc at MS-60.

We sell what you want to buy, and at the current time, lots of you want to buy slabbed coins. When we started 19 years ago, they were very unusual, you rarely saw them, and when you did they were regarded as "weird American stuff", well they are weird no more.

We are often asked if we slab coins, and the short answer is no. We sell both slabbed and raw (non slabbed) coins, but if you buy raw, you'll have to find your own slabbing company and get it done yourself. There are plenty of them, many in the US, but a number in various European countries, many with UK representatives. It's your choice, but if you want them pre slabbed, check out our website. You'll see a good selection.


November list coming soon

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on October 15th 2015

Since we begun in September 1997, we have produced 116 lists and in a few weeks we will be uploading and sending out list 117. Always we have striven to make each list bigger and better than the last. We think we are largely successful in this. One of our motives is to give you the best choice available. We have all seen dealers lists with 3 Gothic Florins, priced at £350, £550 and £800; we list these coins too, but we will list a couple of hundred Gothic florins, catering for both the die collector, and the person looking to spend a tenner. We do try to live in the real world.

That said investments in coins are booming, and we are advising people on a weekly basis, who have made the decision to take funds out of the banks or building societies, where their money is earning virtually nothing, into coins, which with some wise guidance, can prove very profitable indeed. If this is something that appeals to you, contact us by phone, e-mail or letter. It will be a decision you won't regret.

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