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R. Ingram Coins News

R. Ingram Coins - list 127 now online

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on June 28th 2017

These have been very exciting and, sometimes, harrowing times as well. The awful terrorist attacks and the dreadful Grenfell Towers disaster, plus all the fallout from that has led us all to feel a little nervous as we look to the future. We have not been helped, by having a very uncertain political situation, and the start of the Brexit negotiations; when Confucius wished his enemies interesting times, it was not just with irony!

Despite all of the above, having shed our tears, having helped, where we can, we have to try to live a life with some semblance of normality, and here is where it can get very difficult. We have just released catalogue number 127 (the late Summer edition), and it really is by far and away our most extensive list. Now we are not soothsayers or predictors of future trends. We can be certain of very little at the moment, all we can do is to look at the past to try to gain some indicator for the future. So what is likely given the crazy state of the world in mid 2017:

Gold to increase in value is a fair bet. In the last 2,500 years people and institutions have always turned to Gold when they didn’t know what to do.

Interest rates will rise. That is fairly obvious given they have been so low for so long. With inflation nudging 3% that is just a matter of time.

With antiques, in times of squeeze, people tend to buy the rare stuff. The stuff that we are unlikely to turn up a whole new source of, so expect the current rise in pre 1927 proof sets, the increase in the value of Gothic crowns and the huge demand for Maundy sets to continue.

We always say though when people ask us, what they should buy, you should buy what you like. It’s all very well buying as an investment, but if you don’t really like what you are buying, at some point you will sell and go for what you do like, and that can be expensive. So whatever you do, make sure you are buying what you like. And let’s be fair these increasingly valuable items are lovely. Who would not enjoy a Maundy set from any period, a top grade Gothic crown is a superb example of the majestic Gothic architecture, and the old proof sets are lovely to look at.

So enjoy our new list, do let us know what you think, and whatever else you do, make sure you enjoy your family, while you can; for none of us know what lies round the corner.

New catalogue - Brexit underway - general election - What does it all mean?

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on April 25th 2017

These are exciting times, not just for us as we release our 126th catalogue, but its all change; we really do have a new world order. So what does all this mean for coins? Uncertain times equals  volatile markets, volatile markets equals a chance to make money. If you make right decisions, you could make a fortune. And people have in recent times been making a lot of money on coins. The boom area at the moment is proof sets. Not so long ago you could pick up the 4 coin Gold set from 1937 for around £3,500. These sets have been selling for anything up to £20,000! We currently have one for £14,500. Not cheap, but very reasonable in todays surging markets. Other proof sets to be doing very well are the 1911, 1893, 1887 and all those before then. If they can be in the original box, in immaculate condition, you are sitting on a Gold mine.

In a sense though, the key is to buy the coins, before they surge. There are no guarantees in life, but in our opinion, the next big thing, will come from UK Silver coinsHalf Crowns,  Florins, Shillings, and 6ds have a long way to go before prices start to fall back. Maundy money is a superb investment. We are selling Victorian Young Head sets in top condition, for under £300 in some cases, and we have a nice range for barely more than this. I am as sure as I can be, these sets will rise rapidly. People have a lot of money to invest right now, banks are paying very low interest, and it is our view that English Silver coins could be a very profitable investment.

Our new list is a cracker. We have of course, a vast array of Silver, much Gold and we always buy in plenty of Copper and Bronze, which is always popular. We haven't forgotten you hammered enthusiasts out there, and we also have a large selection of Foreign coins, should you have more eclectic tastes. We hope you enjoy our list and look forward to speaking with some of you.

New internet coin forum!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on January 27th 2017

One thing 20 years a coin dealer has taught us, is that people love talking about coins. They love exploring the history, seeing the pictures, and asking 1001 questions! We don’t know all the answers and we don’t always have the time. For a long time now you have been asking that we start a coin forum. Well after some planning and feedback here it is. You can go to the forum:


 We need to stress that this is YOUR forum. It needs to be legal, it needs to have at least some link to coins, other than that, you can post whatever you like. To a degree our Facebook site covers some of these areas, a recent topic which talked about how to become a coin dealer, received an enormous response, but with a forum you can take the subject as far as you want to. Have a look at our Facebook and Twitter.

 To some degree we are flying by the seat of our pants, let’s see how we get on and if we need to change it we will. Feel free to give us any feedback on this – our e-mail is [email protected]coins.com

 Thanks for all your interest in our current list. A fantastic response, do keep browsing as we regularly add new stock.

New Year 2017 New list uploaded!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on January 6th 2017

A happy New year to everybody. Our New Year list 124 has now been uploaded, and this is by far our biggest and best. We have no less than 5 Five Guineas, including two corkers. We’ve  bought in plenty of new Gold, including much pre Victorian and some nice French. We have also listed plenty of new slabs, including an Ansell AU55, and lots of Bank Tokens.  We have also added some lovely Crowns, including super 1723, 1739 and the 1746 proof; also large collections of Silver covering all the denominations, but especially Half Crowns and small Silver. As ever plenty of Copper and Bronze and lots of Hammered. If you collect Foreign coins, we have bought in a vast range of it, including much US, and New Zealand.

 We are really looking forward to 2017. With Brexit and Trump sure to be issues, a very volatile market, which has seen gold swinging wildly in recent times; we are sure that coins as an investment will continue to surge. As ever we would love to hear from you. Lots of ways to contact us. Please do.



Please note you may well have received an email from us on December 8th with details of your new online account.  Happy collecting. 



2016 is nearly over!

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on December 22nd 2016

Hello all. Its been a very busy end to the year, I have only just noticed its been 2 months since our last post!

We have processed many orders & been sorting through many collections of coins and purchased quite a few of them. Please do bear us in mind should you have something to sell.

We have a new list coming out early in January which will contain some very desirable items indeed as well as a number of more affordable coins in the sub £20 price bracket.

We hope you enjoy the festive period and please note we will be open throughout so do please feel free to contact us. If not we look forward to speaking with you in 2017.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from Michael & Rendel and the rest of the team here at R. Ingram Coins.





Top quality English coins are us

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on October 28th 2016

We have always prided ourselves on keeping the most extensive selection of UK coins in the world, bar none. Its been our modus operandi since we began in 1997. If you want a cheap clear date 1905 Half Crown or a lower grade 1863 Sixpence, no problem, these are our stock in trade. If you want that key date, we are the people to contact. However recent times have seen us expand somewhat, and we have moved into dealing in some very choice and high value items.

Our new Winter 2016 catalogue, which we have just uploaded has some cracking material. We have a couple of 5 Guineas, always very desirable, a couple of superb 2 Guineas, one of the finest known 1664 Guineas, stacks and stacks of other gold coins, and with Gold going up and up in the wake of the Brexit vote, many of you have turned here for an investment. Its not just gold, we have some wonderful Crowns from 1662, 1679, 1687, 1692, 1700 and the list really does go on and on.

We hope you enjoy looking through our list, in the unlikely event that you find nothing of interest (you must try a little harder!), do still contact us, as we have thousands of coins which are not listed, many will never be listed, and we may well be able super selection of rare and choice coins. Don't miss out have a thorough look today.2016-10-28 14.53.13

NEW STOCK IN - Many Banknotes & World Coins

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on October 5th 2016

We have completely revised our Banknotes section and added hundreds of new items! We now have a massive range of Scottish notes and English notes. We also have a fantastic range of modern Silver proofs from around the world including Canadian, US and much more. We have also purchased a group of Australian mint sets which are surprisingly scarce.

Do visit our Website to see details, or e-mail us on [email protected]coins.com


Fantastic new list for September

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on September 1st 2016

Gold, Gold, Gold, its been a mad few weeks. We have never had demand like it. If you have ever thought of investing in Gold NOW is the time to do it.


The above 13 coin set from 2002 has the equivalent of over 18 and a half Sovereigns of Gold in it!

Our new list is a cracker, the biggest we have issued. We now have over 10,000 coins, of every sort. So get looking and we look forward to hearing from you.

Lots of new coins added

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on August 12th 2016

It’s been a great and very busy time for R. Ingram coins. We are well underway in compiling our next list; this will be out in early September and promises to be a real humdinger. Amongst many other items, we have some modern Gold £2 proofs, an 1893 £2 proof – these getting really scarce now. A £5 from 1902, a couple of lovely Guineas from 1664 and 1764, both slabbed as AU. We have some rare Gold Hammered coins, and when complete it will be our biggest and best, by a margin.

We have just added several hundred new foreign coins. These include many scarcer coins, and large new selections from USA, Indian and Germany besides many other countries. We have also added a few English coins, so do have a look.

Another first occurred last week, when we begun sponsoring our local football club; Eastleigh FC. Playing in the national league with the goal of getting promoted into the football league, we are very excited by this. Do come along and see a match, we will be happy to buy you a pint.

Meanwhile the price of Gold continues to soar with no sign of a let up. In these uncertain times there has never been a better time to invest in coins. As always we are here for a chat, to advise, and of course to sell you coins. Keep enjoying summer and watch out for the Eastleigh results.

Brexit and the new world order

Posted by: R. Ingram Coins on June 30th 2016

What an amazing June we have had, our football team lost to Iceland, our rugby team hammered the Australians in their own back yard, our cricket team are moving towards the top of the world. Our country has voted for Brexit and the leaders of the two main parties are gone/going. What next!!

Well for us here at R. Ingram coins things don't look too different. We have just uploaded our new catalogue (list 121), and don't forget, if you would like a hard copy just let us know and we will be happy to send you one. Now whether you voted stay or leave, one thing is for sure, things will never be the same again. The key is not whether we leave the European Union, but whether we leave the single market. Should we do that virtually all economists are agreed this would severely damage the UK economy and it could take years, if ever, to fully recover.

So what does this mean for coin collecting? Well any uncertainty in the markets means inevitably Gold will strengthen, and those of you who are observant will notice all our cheapest priced Gold is sold. We have lots more Gold and given the potential for rises it is still competitively priced. Do have a look at the Sovereigns in particular if this interests you. More broadly, with interest rates expected to dip to 0% any time soon there has never been a time where alternative investments look more attractive, and coins are still a largely untapped resource. I think the coin market could easily explode in the next few months, and if it does this will bring us good and bad news. Good in that we will be selling coins hand over fist, and bad in that as prices rise, it is harder for us to purchase material.

Interesting times. Should you need any help or advice we are always here for you.


Just click here to see the updated pdf.

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