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Bank Tokens are Silver coins which were issued by the Bank of England for a brief time during the reign of George 3rd. They filled a desperate need for coins which had not been issued in any significant quantity for many years. They were issued as 1/6d (One Shilling and Sixpence) and 3/- (Three Shillings). Because it is such a short series it is a very popular one to collect.

Please see our One Shilling and Sixpence Bank Tokens for sale below:

One Shilling and Sixpence

Item Date Description Grade Additional Desc Price
1s 6d 1811 1s 6d 1811 EF/+
1s 6d 1811 1s 6d 1811 GVF-NEF
1s 6d 1811 1s 6d 1811 Forgery VF