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R. Ingram Coins,
206 Honeysuckle Road,
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History of R. Ingram Coins

R. Ingram Coins are Michael and Rendel Ingram; we began dealing in coins in 1997. We are based in Southampton in the UK. We are a primarily a postal business, but are happy to see people on any weekday between 10am & 4pm; by appointment only please.

Our first catalogue was issued in 1997 and was a very modest affair; since then we have developed and grown. We made it to catalogue 100 in early 2013; this had 32 pages, packed with coins. In 2015 we increased to a 40 page magazine and we are now, in 2017, producing a 60 page issue. Every list is packed full of over 10,000 items, largely coins; but also some banknotes, medal and other items are included. We issue lists every two months, posting them around the 7th of every odd month - it is usually put online a few days earlier at the end of the previous month.

We were one of the first UK coin dealers to go online in 1998, and since then have prided ourselves on having the most extensive UK coin listing on the world wide web, bar none. Our bread and butter has always been English coins, and we consider our core area to be coins minted from the seventh century to date. Our website is always bang up to date; as coins are sold they are removed from the listing. Everything you see listed is available. R. Ingram Coins also went on Facebook and Twitter in 2013 and are now very active on both. We have over 2,500 likes on Facebook, and are approaching 10,000 followers on Twitter. In 2017 we also added a forum, Coins Online.

We aim to list every milled date, of every denomination, featuring coins in the very best grades, and for those with more modest pockets, in mid and low grades also. With hammered, we aim to stock all monarchs including many of the very rare earlier ones. We always have a very good selection of coins from Edward I to Charles II. Over the years we have expanded our listings and we now include Roman, Celtic, Scottish, Irish, US and an extensive range of other Foreign coins, as well as banknotes and medals.

We pride ourselves on our sincere grading and reasonable prices. We are well known for our friendly and honest service, and have many clients based in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland, France, Russia and many other countries; we deal with collectors in well over 30 different countries, in every continent in the world.

We notify all who ask as soon as our listings are uploaded. If you would like to know immediately this is done, please send us your e-mail address, and you will be informed. If you would like to go on our mailing list to receive our postal catalogues please email or phone us with your details.

Michael Ingram Coins


Michael was born in London in 1955 and obtained his first coins in 1963. Following a career which took in the Civil Service, cleaning, proof reading, tutoring, and single parenthood, amongst other things, Michael became involved in R. Ingram Coins at the beginning, and became a full-time partner in 2000.

Michael loves football and has been a player, coach and referee. He now follows one of the loves of his life, Queens Park Rangers, as well as his local football club Eastleigh. Michael is passionate about everything he does, his motto being 'If I am not passionate about it why am I doing it?' In this vein he claims the title of Southampton's number one heavy metal music fan. He loves Lamb of God, Slipknot, and Metallica, amongst many others.

He also enjoys the theatre, "Fiddler on the Roof", being a favourite, eating out - his favourite activity in the whole world - and therefore walking, in an effort to counterbalance the eating.

He is a graduate of philosophy and this has been a passion of his life ever since. He has a long term partner, who is truly the love of his life, three grown-up children, and eight grandchildren. He is a very passionate Christian and attends his local Baptist church.

Rendel Ingram Coins


Rendel was born in 1982 and is the youngest of Michael's three children. He has always liked coins, saving his pocket money from day one. His real love of coins began in 1990 when he was given one hundred 5p's as a Christmas present, still his favourite present to this day. He obtained a bag of old pennies shortly after, and his interest in coins grew from there. 

Rendel began selling coins in 1995 and founded R. Ingram Coins in 1997. Like Michael he is a keen follower of his local football club Eastleigh, and often accompanies Michael to QPR. He loves the cinema, eating out and reading. He is married to a school teacher who is an inspiration to him. They had their first child, a girl, in 2013. Olivia is now a regular helper in the business!

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R. Ingram Coins,
206 Honeysuckle Road,
SO16 3BU,

T: 02380 324258
E: info@ringramcoins.com