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Autumn 2014 catalogue

Highlights including:

Two Guineas 1679 XF-45 £6,950  
Guinea 1680 AU-55 £6,500  
Guinea 1716 XF-40 £2,400  
Sovereign 1822 AU-55 £2,950  
Aus. Sov 1866 AU-55 £1,100  
James I Unite
S2619 XF-40 £1,100  
Sovereign 1817 AUNC £3,500  
Sovereign 1818  AVF £2,100  
Sovereign 1823 AVF £2,750  
Sovereign 1874 DN GVF
Sovereign G+D
1879 GVF-NEF
1726 EF cr/m £1,500  
Half-Sovereign 1818 AUNC £1,750  
Half-Sovereign  1820 AUNC £1,750   
Half-Crown 1849 AUNC £1,500  
Farthing 1698 Sil. Pr. EF £950    
Aethelheard 1d S886A EF £5,500  
Offa 1d S905 AVF £2,250  
Coenwulf 1d  S920  GVF £2,250  
Eadred 1d  S1115 GVF £2,600  
William I 1d S1250 VF/GVF £2,400  
William II 1d S1258 GVF £3,750  
Henry VIII Angel S2300 GF £1,400  
P+M Shilling 1555 AVF £950  
Eliz I Crown 1601 Abt.VF £3,500  

R. Ingram Coins

We sell a very large variety of English coins; specialising in the period from the 7th-21st Century. We aim to always have a vast range of antique coins for sale.

Antique coins are a genuine passion of ours. We love selling old coins to coin collectors, and consider ourselves lovers of coins, not just coin dealers. We sell the full range of British coins, not just old coins with value. Our old coins for sale are mainly old English coins, as well as selling old antique coins, we also buy antique coins and are the biggest online dealers in old English coins.

We always stock an excellent selection of Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and Hammered coins, and our catalogues also include Proof sets, Maundy, Irish, Scottish and Foreign Gold. Pictures are provided of the higher value items. Those which are not, we can send as an e-mail attachment.

We are always looking to buy good quality coins; contact us for more details. info@ringramcoins.com

NEW STOCK - October 2014

In the last few days we have added hundreds of new items and many new pictures. We have also set up customer accounts for many of you which makes using the site easier. If you don't have one & would like one please contact us and you can have one too!

For more details of how to use your new online account see our news page.

Of course we are still more than happy to accept orders over the phone, by direct e-mail or through the post.

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R. Ingram Coins,
206 Honeysuckle Road,
SO16 3BU,

T: 02380 324258
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